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Alienated (Deluxe) EP

by Fresh C

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    1. INTRO I
    4. ZONED OUT
    8. TRUE LOVE

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Intro I 03:15
1997 where the dream began/ Broken headphones with a beat in my head/ Porky freestyled told me give it chance/ 3 years later I'm perfecting the craft/ Moved from CA to AZ really saved my ass/ Went from dodging strays/ To paper planes in class (Haha) Never payed attention, always anxious for the weekend, we'd hit the box on a Friday and record the verses that were written. Smitten /Every bar was fire/ Aaron told me back then I was born a star/ (Few and far) At least it didn't feel like that/ Slept on couches carried my clothes in a backpack/ Wasn't proud of that/ matter fact / to be exact/ it's much deeper than that / more than rap/ but I'll get back to that/ my fault I got way off track ... Tony Bring it back Followed in my dad's steps/ rap game got left/worked 9 to 5 / I did it just for the paycheck/ Respect/ wasn't gaining doing this shit/ Picked up the mic and started back on the mish on/ Success is all I could envision /but at that time nobody around would listen/ But she did / For a moment soon after then the news hit/ 1 month pregnant with my first-born Vincent/ same time my best friend died in that collision/ (car crashes) ...... Whole life changed right there in an instant/buried my best friend/ lost my job in the mixing/ The fuck Ima do now / this is bullshit/ hospitalized for ruptured appendix/ First time Using prescription medication/ losing my grip with life in a whirlwind/ if that wasn't bad enough God called her to heaven/ That was 07/ fast forward to 11/ a group of misfits that didn't fit in came together/ I opened up shop/ called it the Boombox/ made all the overhead selling stolen laptops/ Humble beginnings but the ending was vicious/ 7 of the original 8 left for other endeavors/ Left a sour taste in my mouth /a clouded head full of doubt /had the devil on my shoulder /searching for a different route/ The local scene wasn't worth it/ just a waste of my time/ Nobody was on the same level as mine/ 99.9% of em were lying on rhymes/ had drug problems or sac religious using God in the lines/ Best to ever do it in my city since 09/ ahead of my time/ if you don't agree you a god dang liar/ At the same time/ my grandmother fighting for dear life/ dr lying to my face telling me she alright/ how the fuck is this alright? This can't be the end/ baby moms pulling the same bullshit again/ penning these verses releasing my dem-ons/ with my newfound success my enemies want to be friends/ Where does it end/
Destined I 03:37
Coming out the gate with my middle fingers held high/the draft pick /who raps sick /giving headliners black eyes/ (who that guy?) God damn right / I'm the alienation prototype, UFO in the parking lot, extra-terrestrial when I be on the mic/ Who want to fight/ I highly doubt you want a problem with me/ I'll beat you mentally physically and emotionally/ lyrically a catastrophe/ like Royce without an apostrophe 59 times worse than Ryan before sobriety/ oh the irony/ nerve of the pawns wanting to start it with me/ all teeth and palms when I approach you publicly? What's wrong with me? I'm the product of poverty/ stray bullets killed my best friend and my real father abandoned me/ Audio biography / mono tany / check my philosophy/ child of the Regan era crack cocaine & conspiracy/ y'all not hearing me / Let me crank the sound up/ feel the bass in your abdomen/ snare in your eardrum /been patient for too long/ feeling like the last to get picked / Best believe when I hit the court be on my shit / They say I have more problems than a unsolved math equation/ chemically imbalanced since the date of my inception / due to lack of contraceptives/ and Aflac representation / I deemed a accident beyond repair/ i became reckless/ Polishing my sword daily realizing my words were weapons / carried heavy artillery/ bullets bandannas / clips and hammers/ my vocabulary bananas/ y'all don't slip on the peel/ no action you all cameras/ Most artists sniffing & popping them pills/ sniff my lines I just wrote in the parking lot pure dope and catch a feel/ independent without a deal/ y'all fake I'm forever real/ lyrical gasoline / bars from the flames of hell/ rhymes for the blind punchlines written in Brail/ forever fresh y'all are permanent stale/ I'm in the building!! Shout to Aj story tell/ destined for success/ muthafucka I'll never fail
Black sheep with a rap sheet committed a crime Every rhyme / Said running like a track meet/ Actually/ Wrote this handcuffed in the back seat/ Athlete/ Who never got played/ All-star talent Never got paid/ Alienated I'm not with the ways Product of change/ (And they hate that) ( Home run) Bo jack-son / Punch like a MF shotgun/ Got one / Success is the outcome / Name one rapper in the last 8 years We ain't out done/ Bar none/ For all the times they told us no/ keep pushing forward don't ever let go/ middle fingers up high just let em know Forever that's that's a statement/ deemed to never make it/ cracked concrete made my mark on the pavement/ coming straight from the basement/ open mics I blazed em/ some couldn't take it /gave up and started hating/ Patiently waited felt like my time went/ Choc with gas /seven Trill got it lit/ pulled up in the whip/ squad you ain't fucking wit/ alienated lets the invasion begin
Zoned Out 03:44
V1 Been walking on the tightrope between life and death Fighting these inner thoughts for so long almost forgot who I am You only know me for what's on the surface My purpose and my goals I've never been shot but my heart is full of holes I'm disappointed I ain't get to be the man my grandfather wanted me to be Can't say one of my damn family members know me or V I say V, cause that's my son, they left him too History repeats itself something I promised I'd never do Devoted my time and earnings everything to the stu Some people think I'm out my fucking mind for what I do If you don't believe in yourself who the fuck gonna believe in you (Chorus) Zoned out I'm drink til I pass out Zoned out I'm smoke til I pass out I'm zoned out Find out what this life's about I'm zoned out I'm drink til I pass out V2 Drowning my sorrows in a bottle full throttle Doubt I'll make it to see tomorrow Grandma clutching on the bible saying prayers for me While I'm hitting them high notes No telling where I'll go It's hell or the high road Product of my environment grew up in the ghetto Momma said let go But how can I let go When I witnessed the devil in the city of angels Enemies cocked back Bullets ricochet off my halo Never will I let go As long as the pain flow Leaking through my lyrics I'm always gonna let the blood show For some it's motivating for others it's painful I speak for the have not's the shooters and slum lords Terrified when they gotta meet up with the landlord Fathers never came home All we had were some headphones, broken dreams and empty wallets I still never lost hope Remember eating my thoughts for lunch, sleep for dinner Porky said rehearse your bars so your delivery better That was my dawg and they put 6 in his sweater 12 years old holding my dead friend saying it's gonna get better Ain't a damn thing you can tell me I done been through that I survived the flames of hell you can see scars on my back 42nd & 3rd that's where the dried blood be at I promised from that day on I'm moving forward I'm never looking back Tell me what the fuck you know about that (Chorus) Zoned out I'm drink til I pass out Zoned out I'm smoke til I pass out I'm zoned out Find out what this life's about I'm zoned out I'm drink til I pass out I'm zoned out I'm drink til I pass out I'm zoned out I'm smoke til I pass out I'm zoned out
Winning Year 02:57
ee back in them days I would dream about life from a different perspective/ wrote poem in all my electives/ games I wasn't selected so I sat on the benches all because I was different, and they didn't accept it I just didn't get it / neither did parents / spent most of my time writing rhymes in detention for not paying attention/ Teach me a lesson? Thought this was a blessing/ lonely night spent staring at the heavens/Some called an obsession/ This came from inception/ in a place called home where most were rejected/ Gun shots were accepted/ the children misguided and often neglected/ Welcome to poverty a non-curable infection/ alcohol or drugs pick your prescription/ end result is addiction or prison/ I'm man on a mission, but the vision conflicted /just wanted to make it where nobody had did it / For all the times that nobody listened/ no food in the kitchen/ the check-to-check living / I still never gave in/ Pressure was building/ court cases were pending/ the struggle was real/ my friends were pretending/ career was ascending/ financially dependent/ on ticket sales with no support in city/ Miss me with that I've been down since day one/ cause when I wasn't popping you never answered when the phone rung/ **
Took 3 years to accomplish this goal/ Ups & downs nearly losing all control But God grabbed the wheel / Eliminated the fear/ What was once a nightmare became a dream that's real/ Been told i wasn't good enough Back packers ain't real enough Spit too raw didn't chill enough Sincerely though I don't give a Fuck/ Really though thanks a bunch/ To the ones that supported when shit was rough When I had writers block for like 5 months Lost my job ain't have no bucks Finding out manager was corrupt When everything was like wtf/ Life started to suck/ y'all don't see the other side of this music scene it's really fucked up/ Friends turn they backs and tell you it's your fault/ Family only asks questions with they hand out And get mad when I tell them to fuck off/ Never had a titty to suck on/ You dead wrong Was sleeping on couches eating bologna sandwiches me and my homie Dom/ Only one who believed from day one aside from Dez Gma and my mom/ that's real shit Damn near ended my career on 30 at 30/ Sent the record to DJs i fuck with ... And a few of the Homies (Chorus) Blaze said it was a side of me the fans haven't seen, and he really dug it But I was like fuck this| nearly trashed the record but a thought in my mind was still tugging... Sent it to Collins had given it a listen Not knowing the position, I was in when it was written Spoke on snap chat it was a wrap after that sent a fire verse on my birthday, I'll Never forget that/ Started rolling with the camp shaking hands and dap feeling like they had my back Only to turn it on me shortly after I entered the one take Contest of Zach's Contest I entered involving Zach So and so saying this So and so and so saying that Fam in my camp like (what's that) Put out a diss track with kill em in a verse That will teach em (but fuck that) Giving people second chances Who didn't deserve the first/ Me telling the truth or being lied to (Idk Which one hurts worse) We can skip the apology Fake handshakes and it's all love I'm knowing they are aiming point blank range when my back turned that's real love All good I could never hate em Matter fact I'll congratulate em
When everyone's the same you have a different objective/ chose my friends wisely I'm very selective/ Disrespected by those i once shared my collective/ cosigns without my signature getting rejected/ we rivals now passes intercepted/ ... We on the same field/ playing two different games/ drawing inspiration that wouldn't get framed/ while the trophies gained are engraved in my name/ I'm willing to share the success, but envy is a part of the game/ what a shame. I wrote this song at four in the morning/ wide awake while you cats is in your bed snoring/ they saying nobody works as hard as me/ I'd have to agree/ been consistent since 2003/ back when nobody locally had ever pressed up a cd/ damn... Contemplating on the next plot/ while you out partying scheming on these young thots/ I'm collecting my thoughts .... I'll admit this isn't the life I had pictured for me/ not exactly the way I viewed my life at the age of 30/ momma told me your time comin' don't retire the jersey / kids who haven't done half as much get a shot who don't deserve it/ Like a proud father watching his child walking/ bunch of clones living on my offspring/ imagine where it would be if I hadn't of done it/ so many names you know // wouldn't have gone public/ it's not a shot, facts only// the truth is embedded/ I still laugh when they say I never helped them / when their biggest hits have my name in the record/ Without my symbol it wouldn't be official/ this shit foul throw the flag somebody blow a whistle/ I swear this is the last time I bring up this issue/ just don't call it yours if you didn't contribute/ A friendly reminder it's just business/ Some people don't belong anywhere near it/ real shit...
True Love 03:04
Forever and a day I've been running toward her arms/ holes in my sneakers/ sweaty filled palms/ road less traveled people warned me from the start/ it's a dead end / chasing a broken heart/ I never listened to the opinions / I had to find her love/ couldn't afford to lose/ But was unaware of the charge/ declined card / bad habits & booze / made me second guess for a moment if you were who I should pursue / Chorus She was always in my ear/ her heartbeat was the bass/ open mic contests taking first place/ she said I was her best on our first date/ Took me back to passing notes when we were in 7th grade / lunchroom cyphers I was always spitting game/ I wanted to hit it and quit it/ but fell victim to a pretty face/ instantly I was hooked by her hooks/ lifestyle & fame/ told me about her past how she was robbing em for their chains/ toted guns ran from police and rolled with a gang/ told her I understood I was Knee deep in the same thang/ Moving at a fast pace /everyday id write about her/ regardless of the consequences I would talk about her/ disrupted class often interrupted by her/ yearning for another moment to just to sit by her/ She was already a superstar/ how can I get I her level/ grandma told me I was playing with the devil/ she wasn't your average/ thinking marriage/ but she was trouble/ gambling with my life I'm a customer in her hustle/ Said I was in love and she laughed in my face/ told me I wasn't good enough/ and tossed my tape/ tried to intervene I said she made a mistake/ she shoved me aside and stepped on my brand new js/ told me get money fuck bitches and walked away /since that day my life has never been the same/


Alienated was created in what Fresh calls: "leveling up phase" where he was immersed in the current Hip Hop scene and embraced by the top tier roster of musicians at the time of relevance.

Fresh brushed shoulders with a big named artist after sending him a record to review on Fresh's "30th" birthday. He not only loved the record he returned it with a dope verse he did on the fly.

Fresh took the opportunity to shake every hand, greet every new potential fan, producer, artist etc. Including big name Producer Tony Choc who contributed to AlienatED's success.


released October 23, 2016

Written by Cody B Silva, Fresh C
Recorded at Beats By Choc Studios, Tempe, AZ
Recorded by Tony Choc, Fresh C
Additional Production by Qux
Head Engineer Tony Choc,
Assistant Engineer Quixxotik
Mastered by Fresh C, Quixxotik, Tony Choc


all rights reserved



Fresh C Arizona

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