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Genesis (Deluxe) EP

by Fresh C

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just another day in the life right up for the next flight going through rush hour traffic Doing a hundred running through streetlights (I’m gone) Yup, pull up, roll up roll me some of that good green when I show up Head through security My bag getting searched but (It’s all love he’s he just doing his job bruh) Phone ringing. Text alerts. (Boarding pass) in my nervous Hands's Anxiety kicking in But the splif I hit Gone mike Tyson that ass Kid in the front wants a (photograph) Take the snap for the Kodak Shake a few hands With the fans For the gram Hear em yelling As I walk away “You da man” Like damn!
I’m a sinner in the summer Saint in the winter Ima be late the blunt rolled won’t be home for dinner born a loser Momma say I’m a winner Whatever I am I got your attention While we in here Somebody said I was a nutcase Imagine if you read the lyrics hidden in my briefcase Some how someway is what I used to say That was before the deal in my basement Making mixtapes Been a standout No plan ever mapped out Created player in the game when my quarters ran out Cypher celebrity Everybody wanna battle me Until the monster come out I start a killing spree Busy bee with with wordplay Honey in my comb Take your bullshit over that way The battle grounds my home Homeless in my attire Reading Nintendo power Adding to my list of trash artists I retired I’m admired by many Copied by plenty (Silence) Don’t be mad When you ask for advice and i aint give you any
Biggie and Pac died Saving our lives when freedom was all a dream Gang Signs & thug life Raw rugged raps dat tapes and secret tracks vinyl record crate diggin, ayo DJ bring it back When the highlight of the day Was spitting in a cypher Swapping hands on the court free styling proving who nicer playing NBA jams kday on the Boombox Dubbin cassette tapes Mixtapes that we all rock Bob Ya head side to side Left to right Feeling the vibe Gremlins on our crt Magnavox tv screen Copped the 60 for 60 Sell in’ dreams on my street Customer was short Akai & I first meet finger drumming her pads Testin’ the sensitivity Konami code pattern Rapidly repeated gradually Chop it, mix it, master it But don’t forget her batteries Portability to climax in while another galaxy Hip hop was built on the MPC Bob Ya head side to side Left to right Feeling the vibe Legendary some would say a pioneer With game play Innovative, creative While you copy and paste fake it till you make it The real grind hard invincible effort you are putting in Starting to show dawg To the bank I’m laughing counting all my blessings stepping on your funky toes in the process My Confidence is offensive For all of those who lack it Studying my lyrics on YouTube in closed captions Damn
Music made headlines Labels want airtime Family pushing and pulling Old homies want free lines Can’t be like I used to This ain'tt what I’m used to One minute I’m chilling The next I’m in rare booths With legends I look up to Spitting my hardest verses Next to logic in the back room Don’t push me I’m close to the edge I'm trying not to Cut off these mutha fuckas heads Every situation They’ll pass on my rhymes But catch all of my information I thought the process was to be original They can’t do what I do without me It’s like having identical Twins Stuck to the hip Attack of the clones Like Hayden Christensen Rely on my Jedi powers Just Call me Anakin Sky walking Over the fake Authentic for the win Actors and imposters The real rap back Snapping on beats killing these Cyphers Bringing real rap back The second coming of a legend Lyricism the weapon Realism in every sentence There is no comparison Competition none Mac daddy of rap words Kriss krossing you on the court Like I was iver-son The elephant in the room Big homie is coming through You the lil homie Can’t fit into these shoes I’m a muthafucking legend Shitting in the booth Clean up the mess when I’m through Embed


Deluxe Version includes Unreleased remixes, alternate track listing + MORE!


released August 16, 2022

Written by Cody B Silva
Recorded at Voltron Studios, Genesis, Unknown
Recorded by Quixxotik, Fresh C
Additional Production by Logic, D Webb, Quixxotik,Matias tom
Head Engineer Fresh C
Assistant Engineer Quixxotik
Mastered by Fresh C, Quixxotik


all rights reserved



Fresh C Arizona

𝙍𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙤 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙧

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