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It Aint Eazy (Deluxe)

by Fresh C

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    SIDE A
    1. INTRO III
    2. CRISIS
    5. ROLL UP
    7. WHERE AM I?
    9. OUTRO III


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Intro III 01:50
It Ain't Eazy (On your own) It Ain't Eazy (All alone) It Ain't Eazy (On your own) Taken the road less traveled Anxiety battled Those who said I wouldn’t get here Left stranded without a paddle Up shits creek I’ve had enough this week Charged it to the game Keeping all my receipts Record meetings pissed me off I’m not tan or buff enough “Use your light complexion” To sale records I’m Mexican asf / What I’m supposed to do now? Fake it like ain’t brown Mumble a few words round With a piñata in the background? Y’all got me fucked up Like my auntie cooking at Christmas Bullshit on my to do list You’re name ain’t on the guest list You’re Ludacris So, move bitch Way out my circumstance Trying to make these dollars not put shit on my conscience Mentally I’ve been exhausted Socially awkward Anxiety got the best of me Got me acting obnoxious Getting weeded to solve it But it’s not solving these problems My momma moved out to Texas And I be missing her often My grandma still fighting Saying son, you gone make it Takes every ounce of strength In me to not cry when she says it/ Another day isn’t promised I’m being brutally honest And that day gonna come when she ain’t there and I know it But my pride I can’t show it Back to the booth I keep going Writing my truth in the lyrics For all the lies that I’ve spoken Right all my wrongs Give my soul a good scrubbing The angels are watching over Me And these demons i keep ducking Hoping one day I’ll find peace And end the self-destruction Phone started ringing Thought process was interrupted “Sir we’re boarding your flight” I must of passed out or something Half alive with my eyes wide Sitting in the plane ride Knowing it ain’t easy Thinking to myself like This is what I asked for .... right?
Crisis 03:00
(Chorus) 1 time for em praying on my downfall (aye) 2 times for the homies that didn’t get far (aye) 3 times for the fresh squad screaming in the background at my concerts that they want more 4 times for anybody who doubted me 5 times to my father who abandoning me 6 times for the people like me with PTSD and anxiety You are not alone When my voice hit the beat It’s a crisis (whoa) Peaceful in my heart But the drama bout to start Keep a (gun noise) —— nah nah nah ... Punch line for the lunch line Rappers standing in I’m the nicest (try me) They talkin’ like i pay attention (naw) Gettin' paid to walk in You pay general admission (whoa) We are not the same (naw) I’m different Used to pitch rock on the mound Like Clemmons (whoo) Fuck around if you bout it We can get it (whoo) Keyboard warriors all get deleted (whoa) Y’all ain’t bout shit Keep ya fake handshakes & mix tapes I don’t need it Noah how you doing? Been a minute Father of the year You didn’t get it Didn’t pitch a ball or go fishing Teacher asked where yo dad at? Told em you went missing Tell em how you deserted me Grandma took care of me Ran from 5-0 Gun shots & security Beat my mom's physically Best gift you’ve given me Showed me what not to be The proud father that you couldn’t be Pal bearer at the funeral isn’t me Dead the past with my last verse Curse Rollin' by in a hearse Skirt skirt Rest In Peace I don’t wanna talk Put the phone down You don’t want these hands boy Calm down You had the spotlight Til I came round Played the background When it dimmed down Boy How you feel now? Ima have security Walk you out now Let the door hit you on the way out We ain’t fam That word played out You Said I’d never be shit Well I’m it now (Chorus) 1 time for em praying on my downfall (aye) 2 times for the homies on the badger squad (aye) 3 times for every job that I got Getting fired on the spot cause I spit raw Fuck y’all 4 times for the nights that were all bad 5 times for labels who ain’t call back 6 times for the kids like me with PTSD and anxiety. (This the get back)
(Chorus) Friend or foe yo, state ya biz- I hustle 25/8 In the state That I live ... (Emanuel Brown) Friend or foe/ I don’t know/ do my thing/ that’s all I know/ gotta work/ that’s the game/ cuz when I’m sleep/ I be missing on the dream/ in overtime/ if you know what I mean/ here’s the scene/ I work a nine to five/ got a family/ I have to provide/ making music/ the rest of my time/ no excuses/ no sleeps necessary/ gotta work/ I can snooze when I’m buried/ shit/ you know what it is/ out here doing research/ got to get to this biz/ failures never a option/ say I’ll never make it/ this games about shots/never know/ if you don’t take it/ my shot all net/ got cash in my wrists/ been working for awhile/ for perfection/ that’s it/ (Fresh C) I hustle like Gary vee Rarity to see Me not being productive Constructing or conducting something cause ownership is the key To success (Y’all) Flying 30,00 feet in the air for a meet and greet I remember being told (hell naw) Four businesses deep I sign all my checks in permanent ink That reads ‘fresh c’ (Aha) Get the last laugh when I overlap These raps acts who laughed I’m a breath of fresh air to their asthma attack (Damn) Can you tone down the lyrical raps? Speaking in laymen’s terms I’ve been doing this Toured the whole country Knocking em off my checklist Local to headliner Business to empire Rocking sets with a empty crowd No longer a vibe downer Hustle I’m the definition You’ve met the founder Can y’all feel me Friend or foe Say it louder (Fresh C) Chorus Friend or foe yo, state ya biz- I hustle 25/8 In the state That I live ...
Destined II 01:55
Welcome to my living hell (I Call life) My alias is that of Walter white in all white & black Nikes/ I cook lyrics like raw Dope But I stay fresh When I spit a verse you're seeing the poltergeist/ weird right? Ya'll prolly missed the message Stupidity is a disease left most of y'all highly effected/ Lethal injection/ Lyrical antidote to cure the infection/ Take two of these in the morning/ Remedy's highly effective/ Local rappers getting ejected/ I pass on they offers / Only selective few I fuck with/ Now they squint at me in public like they constipated or something/ Wanting something for nothing with hands out I'm saying fuck em!/ Excuse my arrogance/ Been humble and tolerant / But y'all constantly reminded me Ya'll could give a shit/ I've been a dick / Ever since/ The drama you cause how could I forget/ I wave at you with my middle fingers To be generous Be careful with words you udder They are really your enemies Who are disguised as your brothers You show too much love They show they true colors Expectation is poison Reputation is a mutha Fucka..... When I speak rapper b line Talk shit From behind Street credit is declined Rewind Y’all feline Sidelined Sit the pine Watch us shine from the sideline They saying’ I’ve changed Damn straight.... Didn’t come this far or work this hard to stay the same Asking with Palms out Been giving you free game Can’t hustle a hustler The gems given Is a gold chain Daaaamn What else y’all want ? Can’t remember the last time Y’all helped me out So, if you don’t mind I'm gonna roll up a blunt And even if you did, I still wouldn’t give a fuck hahaha
Roll Up 02:36
We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at? We gone roll up today Yo where the beats at? Squad gone roll up today Where the show at? We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at? Put ya blunt in the air for me one time Roll it up, light it up for me (oh my) Rolling pine Feeling Devine On I-9 In my 6-5 Seat reclined (Yeah) Here we go again Another journey in the mother ship Touring the country in a rocket ship Two spliffs lit Lifestyle legit Can it, Can It, Can it Get any better than this? Naw Is what I told myself Puff and pass To the left control yourself Springing into the brief intermission By yourself (Chorus) We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at? We gone roll up today Yo where the beats at? Squad gone roll up today Where the show at? We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at? -A N X I E T Y- -K I L LA - When I get high Anxiety, Killa Post traumatic It’s automatic That I pack it Can't go a day without it In case Ya want static Combat it When I light it Tour bus getting rowdy 6 dudes' bout it bout Every show we smoked at it Sold out yeah, we (Did) Dad it Front row getting crowded Security need to stop it They knocking on the window Caught me in the parking Lot Stop for a minute Fuck a pill Give me my medication in concentration No hesitation it’s inspiration when I’m weeded Intoxicated not hardly Ain’t ever catch me drinking I’m cheefin' with Chong Taking Rips from the bong Travis Thompson on repeat With my squad in the car Middle fingers out the window screaming fuck y’all (Chorus) We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at? We gone roll up today Yo where the beats at? Squad gone roll up today Where the show at? We gone roll up the jay Yo where the weed at?
Golden Era 02:40
(Emanuel Brown) I’m fresh from the earth/motherfucka what you worth/ been doing this for years/revving up the gears/ This that boom bap/bass slap/days with the eight track/ funk flex/grit rap/ might get ya chain snatched/ Back to the roots/turntables in the streets/ Where it’s beef/feel the heat/always cheffing/ Time to eat/they coming for my spot/ I ain’t going nowhere/barely writing four bars/ Man I double/and I triple/not a issue/will dismiss you/ motherfucka I’m a great/ hitting weights/moving plates/ do a 100/out the gate/I ain’t mad at you brotheren/ Go head/do ya mumbling/me homie/I’m shuffling/ Brains/just concussing/keep it authentic All facts/that’s a given/take notes Better listen/ I’m bringing something different/ Shit I’m raw/it’s whatever blood/ Fresher than you ever was/ E. Brown/ Fresh C Vets boy/ who’s touching us (Chorus) (Fresh C) I’m fresh from the hearse Back from hell with a verse Got the devil in my punchlines Saying ... what your soul worth? Gold chains, fat stacks Big titty bitches And dirty needles Passing blunts in the church parking lot By the steeple (Da evils) From the era of kday 2Pac and biggie smalls The infamous peace treaty Graffiti on the walls 90 era hip hop Where you had to have bars Stepping in the cypher meant you had to have balls Most of ya'll Are Vaginas females on menopause Practicing abstinence, we ain’t fucking with y’all Can’t mumble your way out this lyrical ass beating/ (.....) My bad/ I dozed off when you were speaking Half ass rappers with Wack delivery got me sleeping/ When I step up in the ring my competition shit bricks, standing stiff like they swallowed ready mix cement
Where am I? 03:09
(Chorus) Where am I Where did all this time go All this time go x2 Wasted all this time Am I chasing dreams or chasing streams? Hit 2 milli it ain’t what it seems Phone Rings Who could it be? (It’s prolly my cousin doodie or homie up the street who never supported me) But swear up & down (6 o clock) That they helped me Bubble Kept me off the block Ironically ran outta gas in the parking lot If I could loan em a couple grand I'm bout to pop Or let me get that feature dog You and I will drop some fire bars Then I hit em with the business Oh, you charge? Fuck all that shit you just local dawg (Chorus) Where am I Where did all this time go All this time go x2 Wasted all this time Touring the states From the east to the west Biracial Cody Bi coastal fresh Put some respect on my name “baby” come correct Talking about a feature Better start writing a check That idea wasn’t yours You Copy cats Pretending it’s original You copied that Imitation the sincerest form of flattery Fuck the credit I'll take my payments from the royalties Lawyer fees Ya boy need some peace Without the peace My art is a masterpiece Hardest working Hustler Ask Gary v Got the text message at 7:43 (Chorus) Where am I Where did all this time go All this time go x2 Wasted all this time Not to mention Social media trolls Instagram hoes Posted with my bros Pros/cons of paving the road Yep! That’s how it goes / Living in a fantasy Internets not reality Streams from my last song Changed me into a oddity The Lives of my family Escaping poverty Fans getting mad For the reasons they kept blessing me Females they keep testing me Grandma continue praying for me Grandpa and I solid Told me that he was proud of me Anybody who doubted me This is your song Proving myself right by proving em all wrong (Chorus) Where am I Where did all this time go All this time go x2 Wasted all this time
You 05:46
Since the first rhyme I ever wrote It was meant for you "Long days and late nights" I stayed up for you She broke my heart into pieces I was so in love with you Only to find out That she was only fucking you Wassup with you? Wrote you a letter from the van On my first tour for you Left my girl behind Got fired from my job with you My friends laughed at me, but I stuck with you Slept on floors washed dishes Stayed broke for you Damn near even went to jail for you Record execs sayin’ I’m no good for you Unless I change my directive Sniff coke and do dope with you Shuffled on my iPod Even went to school with you Held me at my lowest That’s why I fuck with you Watched my friend die in my arms I mourned with you... But lately I’m not feeling the vibe with you When will I be enough for you? (fan voicemails) My whole life revolved around A 808 and drum break/ Led down a road full of depression and heartache/ The sacrifice I made Yeah, it seems great/ But every shot I get Is like a Pump fake No complicated rhyme schemes Metaphors or similes It’s for the fans Who look up to me/ Y’all know the words to my songs And rock with me Bought a cd Stood in line to talk to me Who appreciate the efforts I put into my artistry I sacrifice it all “But it ain’t eazy”
Outro III 01:56
I am the nipsey to my nitty Country livin in the gritty I am who they talkin’ bout When they ask who run the city Nobody is fucking with me // On this microphone / Questions about what flight I’m on Where I reside or who im cool with / If you ain’t in my circle homie mind you’re own business // You ain’t catching this wave I’m on/ Surf off this No more chillin, broke in my apartment Or working for a piece of shit at that desk in my old office / This is that conglomerate, underdog triumphant (shit) Ohh we knew he would blow conversation Without the argument Ain’t nobody topping this Raw lyrics mixed with substance (IS) Knowledge of self In dosages Comprehend my messages Encrypted in my lyrics I call it Mexican medicine Self made entrepreneur Who just happens to be a lyricist Asking me stupid questions I could give a shit Only concerned about my plane ticket and where I’m landing at// It ain't Eazy Believe me I’ve been knee deep In the trenches My music doing the numbers My numbers Push up the bench press Used to be less fortunate Broke kid outta the orphanage Fortunately my hustle and skill level Got me the opposite (Bop to this) Down the block Letting the speakers knock After 12 o’clock With the broke muffler exhaust Louder than Diana Ross Stacks fatter than ricky Ross I’m the Fucking boss Let ya boy floss


Fresh brought his best foot forward with this full body of work. Along with Grammy award winning production from DJ Pain 1. This piece of art was well documented, written and dispersed with an array of styles some old fans will enjoy and new that aren’t as familiar. With catchy hooks, Brash delivered punchlines and metaphors, IT AIN’T EAZY delivers it all with ease. Truly a in depth look at a legend in the making.


released November 29, 2019

Written by Cody B Silva
Recorded at SC Studios, Phoenix, AZ
Recorded by Sean Chris, Fresh C
Additional Production by DJ Pain 1
Head Engineer Sean Chris
Assistant Engineer Quixxotik
Mastered by Fresh C, Quixxotik


all rights reserved



Fresh C Arizona

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