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AlienatED feat. Tino Cochino

from Alienated (Deluxe) EP by Fresh C



The title track of the 2015 highly anticipated EP โ€œAlienatEDโ€ highlights not only the extreme highs and lows of his career at the time, But had the star studded feature and production list that nobody in his tier had access to but also got him caught in a beef that had nothing to do with him as a artist or creator. Street classic.


Took 3 years to accomplish this goal/
Ups & downs nearly losing all control

But God grabbed the wheel /
Eliminated the fear/
What was once a nightmare became a dream that's real/

Been told i wasn't good enough
Back packers ain't real enough
Spit too raw didn't chill enough
Sincerely though I don't give a Fuck/

Really though thanks a bunch/
To the ones that supported when shit was rough
When I had writers block for like 5 months
Lost my job ain't have no bucks
Finding out manager was corrupt
When everything was like wtf/
Life started to suck/ y'all don't see the other side of this music scene it's really fucked up/

Friends turn they backs and tell you it's your fault/
Family only asks questions with they hand out
And get mad when I tell them to fuck off/

Never had a titty to suck on/
You dead wrong

Was sleeping on couches eating bologna sandwiches me and my homie Dom/
Only one who believed from day one aside from Dez Gma and my mom/ that's real shit
Damn near ended my career on 30 at 30/
Sent the record to DJs i fuck with ...
And a few of the Homies
Blaze said it was a side of me the fans haven't seen, and he really dug it

But I was like fuck this| nearly trashed the record but a thought in my mind was still tugging...

Sent it to Collins had given it a listen
Not knowing the position, I was in when it was written
Spoke on snap chat it was a wrap after that sent a fire verse on my birthday, I'll
Never forget that/

Started rolling with the camp shaking hands and dap feeling like they had my back

Only to turn it on me shortly after I entered the one take Contest of Zach's

Contest I entered involving Zach

So and so saying this
So and so and so saying that
Fam in my camp like (what's that)
Put out a diss track with kill em in a verse
That will teach em (but fuck that)

Giving people second chances
Who didn't deserve the first/

Me telling the truth or being lied to

(Idk Which one hurts worse)

We can skip the apology
Fake handshakes and it's all love

I'm knowing they are aiming point blank range when my back turned that's real love

All good I could never hate em
Matter fact I'll congratulate em


from Alienated (Deluxe) EP, released October 23, 2016
Written by Cody B Silva, Fresh C
Recorded at Beats By Choc Studios, Tempe, AZ
Recorded by Tony Choc, Fresh C
Additional Production by Qux
Head Engineer Tony Choc,
Assistant Engineer Quixxotik
Mastered by Fresh C, Quixxotik, Tony Choc


all rights reserved



Fresh C Arizona

๐™๐™š๐™ฉ๐™ง๐™ค ๐™‚๐™–๐™ข๐™š๐™ง

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