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Destined I

from Alienated (Deluxe) EP by Fresh C


A quick lyrical slaughter of clever metaphors over a sample heavy classic hip hop record. According to Fresh, He wrote this record in 9 mins in a holiday inn parking lot awaiting Tony Choc’s call for a last-minute studio session.


Coming out the gate with my middle fingers held high/the draft pick /who raps sick /giving headliners black eyes/ (who that guy?) God damn right / I'm the alienation prototype, UFO in the parking lot, extra-terrestrial when I be on the mic/

Who want to fight/ I highly doubt you want a problem with me/ I'll beat you mentally physically and emotionally/ lyrically a catastrophe/ like Royce without an apostrophe 59 times worse than Ryan before sobriety/ oh the irony/ nerve of the pawns wanting to start it with me/ all teeth and palms when I approach you publicly?

What's wrong with me? I'm the product of poverty/ stray bullets killed my best friend and my real father abandoned me/

Audio biography / mono tany / check my philosophy/ child of the Regan era crack cocaine & conspiracy/ y'all not hearing me /

Let me crank the sound up/ feel the bass in your abdomen/ snare in your eardrum /been patient for too long/ feeling like the last to get picked /
Best believe when I hit the court be on my shit /

They say I have more problems than a unsolved math equation/ chemically imbalanced since the date of my inception / due to lack of contraceptives/ and Aflac representation / I deemed a accident beyond repair/ i became reckless/

Polishing my sword daily realizing my words were weapons / carried heavy artillery/ bullets bandannas / clips and hammers/ my vocabulary bananas/ y'all don't slip on the peel/ no action you all cameras/

Most artists sniffing & popping them pills/ sniff my lines I just wrote in the parking lot pure dope and catch a feel/ independent without a deal/ y'all fake I'm forever real/ lyrical gasoline / bars from the flames of hell/ rhymes for the blind punchlines written in Brail/ forever fresh y'all are permanent stale/ I'm in the building!! Shout to Aj story tell/ destined for success/ muthafucka I'll never fail


from Alienated (Deluxe) EP, released October 23, 2016
Written by Cody B Silva, Fresh C
Recorded at Beats By Choc Studios, Tempe, AZ
Recorded by Tony Choc, Fresh C
Additional Production by Qux
Head Engineer Tony Choc,
Assistant Engineer Quixxotik
Mastered by Fresh C, Quixxotik, Tony Choc


all rights reserved



Fresh C Arizona

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