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Originally named “II” roman numeral for “two” was the follow-up to the first intro on the “AlienatED” EP earlier released in 2016. Discussing in deatil his mental health, family matters, struggles of becoming a renowned name in the industry and the growth from past to present.


A lot been going on
Let me shut my mind off
You wouldn't understand is a phrase
I used to off-ten

For a minute Cody look at what you have
I talk to myself by myself like I'm all I have

Can't call em, brother I ignore em
Sister, know I love em
These rappers I used to fuck with I can't trust em...

Everyone wanting something with they palms out
Couldn't support em all they on they own now
When my energy is absent, they all slowed down
Traveled the world
They only rock in the hometown

That's cool I guess...
To each is own
Or at least it was 6 years ago
You quickly moving backwards
I'm only moving... forward

What happened to the squadron?
I'm the only one prospering
Carried two jobs, raised my son
Got my Doctorate
And I'm the problem?

Really what's your excuse?

Get offended if I described you
Legitimate reasons I don't fuck with you...

Or the circles y'all in cause ya'll suck and eat bad food

Popularity grew...it's not the same feeling
Remember putting out songs when nobody listened
Jenerik told me Brody got the heat
Just keep pitching
Life throwing me curve balls
And we in the 9th inning

Grandpa calling my phone
Grandma ain't doing well
What the fuck can I do
She broke her hip when she fell
I'm exhausted dog and tired as hell
But I can't stop now....
I always prevail


from If It Were Eazy Everyone Would Do It (Deluxe), released July 17, 2018


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Fresh C Arizona

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